About this piece 

“Tribal Passion” is centred around a swirling red orb that portrays the sun as the giver of life. The dancer represents the movement towards recruitment of Indigenous health professionals, while the woman's sympathetic expression represents empathy and understanding for the cultural differences Indigenous students face. Admissions into these programs must be viewed more as a journey in support, rather than a straight-forward course of study. Since empathy is highlighted as a key skill in dealing with Indigenous patients, a cultural viewpoint is represented in the illustration.

About the artist

Teresa Young is a Cree artist from Vancouver Island. She started painting in oils at the age of eight. She has explored many styles of art including portraiture and surrealism, but has developed her own signature abstract style. The imagery in her work is a reflection of the artistic influences that have shaped her into the artist she is today. She took lessons from a realistic portraiture artist and a contemporary abstract artist during her formative artistic years. The influences of these mentors combined themselves with themes she drew from artists like H.R. Giger, Salvadore Dali and Gervaso Gallardo, and culminated in the development of this distinct style. Her artistic style, reminiscent of traditional Indigenous art, led her to explore her own heritage, wherein she discovered her grandmother was Manitoba Cree. While she had no exposure to Indigenous art of culture during her development of her artistic style, she believes she developed her signature style as if to express her unknown heritage through her art.