About this piece 

A valiant character is placed in a surreal space filled with obstacles, pushing them to be reactive and inventive. Whimsical scenery gives them optimism under peculiar circumstances. Our character has a choice, to overcome this obstacle with the tools they have been given, or to succumb to failure before trying. This scene reflects the stance we take to educate ourselves with the importance of mental and physical health education. The more space we create for conversation and knowledge of mental and physical health the less taboo it is to ask.

About the artist

Jayme-Lynn Gloade is a Mi’kmaq visual artist from Millbrook First Nation, Nova Scotia. She obtained her BFA from NSCAD University, with a focus on Photography and Art History. Jayme-Lynn’s art can be described as an interpretation of urban living through an Aboriginal lens. Her imagery represents fear and loss of tradition, and serves as a reminder that we all have the ability to relate and share stories that unite and align us with our past, present and future. Gloade invites us to reflect on our process of moral direction and enlightenment. To create art is to pay intense attention, which solidifies our temperaments in reality. While using traditional stories and personal experience, Gloade strives to find the empowering side of the ominous.